Cincinnati SuperCars is Southwest Ohio’s premiere exotic and supercar dealership. Originally based out of Cincinnati as a carbon fiber and vehicle customization company, we now offer a comprehensive line of services and products covering all aspects of supercar ownership.

– Chris Hundley, Owner at Cincinnati SuperCars

Christopher Hundley - Owner
Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. I developed a passion for aircraft and sportscars that I assimilated into a love for creating carbon fiber parts for exotic, luxury and race cars.
Rannie AlSamkari - Owner
Born in St. Louis, Missouri and raised in Dayton, Ohio, I cultivated a passion for exotic cars in Southwest Florida and want to bring that passion to Southwest Ohio.
Cassidy Hundley - General Manager
Born to a family of gear heads, it wasn't long before I found myself behind the wheel and fell in love with driving.
Wes Abell - Aftermarket Specialist
Jacob Blair - Client Advisor
Stephen Ludwig - Aftermarket Specialist
Born and raised on the west side of Cincinnati. I’ve always had an interest in cars and got into the exotic and supercar business by working with carbon fiber.
Todd Cordes - Social Media Specialist
Raised with a keen eye for the details, I grew to love being behind the camera just as much as the steering wheel so it was natural I would find my way to combining both passions!